Three successful e-commerce sites that showcase our work

We are a group of dedicated and active entrepreneurs. In the almost two decades of IntegraMedia’s life, we have combined custom development for third parties with the launch of three of our own e-commerce sites — but not all at the same time! Little by little, gaining more experience and entering new markets. And as it turns out, we have been so successful that each one is a leader in its sector. So, we are ready to put all our experience at the service of your business!

Webcartridge was founded in 2013 with the goal of delivering compatible and original consumables anywhere, fast and for the lowest price. That first month in June 2013, we received 100 orders; in 2020, (in the middle of a pandemic) we exceeded 200,000 with a million products sold.


We soon expanded our catalogue to include stationery, IT and digital printing products, and launched our own brand: PixColor. 


In 2016, we began to internationalise our services and reached France, Belgium, Portugal, the UK and, a year later, Germany. 


Today, we have two subsidiaries in the UK and Mexico and we are a team of more than 40 people who send your orders to anywhere in the world. 

In 2019, we decided to do something completely different and EroticFeel was born. This being an online adult toy means that we have to compete in a unique market and deal with the restrictions that come with these types of products. 


We emphasise quality and a mix of sophistication and irreverence as a differentiating strategy and in one year we became the third biggest-selling online adult toy shop in Spain.


Today, we are present in more than 12 countries, on both sides of the pond since we have versions for the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Chile or Peru in addition to the European versions.

As we were also one of those students who, during exam time, spent so much on printing notes that we ate the rest of the rice with tomato, in 2023 we decided to start Copykrea. An online copy shop that, in addition to offering a responsible, high quality printing service, does so at the lowest prices on the market.

We have made an effort to develop a very simple configurator where you can upload your files and choose the thickness and size of the paper, black and white or colour printing, the number of copies and pages per sheet, the type of binding and even the colour of the rings and covers.

There’s our last project — but this time offering a product manufactured by us. It all starts with a printing workshop and giving free rein to the creativity of our designers. We have agreements with artists and illustrators and now we have Stendio, an online shop for art prints. 

Fortunately, we’ve done well and the experience of working on these projects has meant that our team of specialists, who were experts beforehand, can really put themselves in your shoes. We’ve mastered the media, so give us a call and we’ll help you launch your business.