Integral and tailor-made development of your project; experience and care at the service of your goals

At IntegraMedia, we are a team of 360º programmers (back and front), UX and UI designers and layout designers with many years of experience and specialized in e-commerce. What does this mean? That we will analyze and understand your goals to help you develop your project from scratch to get the best possible results.

Multi-device custom solutions

Websites are not biscuits even if they have cookies! And what works for one business will not work for another. We study your specific needs and those of your industry to best adapt to them. 


 We will create an exclusive design for your project with all the prototyping phases, focused on usability and total responsiveness. In other words, it will be compatible with all devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc).  

We work with different platforms and we look for the one that best suits your needs

At IntegraMedia we are specialists in PrestaShop, the most used ecommerce platform in Europe; in WordPress, WooCommerce, and imCMS, a proprietary platform developed by our programmers and focused on medium and large ecommerce with a clear international focus. We believe that there is no one platform better than the others, but there is one that best suits you, your needs and your+ goals.

turnkey projects

We’re not only about designing and creating; we will not only build website, we will also provide continuity to your project with constant updates and improvements. 


Our team of e-commerce consultants will always be at your service to help you make decisions focused on increasing profitability and sales.

Trust in a multidisciplinary team

Specialization is the key to success; that’s why we have highly trained experts with extensive experience in the different fields that will shape the development of your website. Programmers, layout designers and developers who are experts in their areas and who would shake their heads if they heard your neighbor say that his cousin made your entire website in half an afternoon! Teust the experts and flee from the jack-of-all-trades!